Whatever your business, Roller Door Services NT has your needs covered!

We sell a range of industrial roller and sectional doors as well as shutters to suit virtually any application. Our products are made from tough, durable materials and are available in a number of stylish colours. Roller Door Services NT is the sole accredited dealer for leading brand B&D in the greater Darwin area, so you can be certain you will receive the maximum value and quality for your cash.

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Roller Shutters

Our B&D Roll-A-Shutter® is ideal for all kinds of commercial and industrial premises, from large building complexes to warehouses and small single factories. All of our B&D Roll-AShutters® are rigorously tested and can be installed rapidly, saving you time and money.

The following are among the most popular B&D Roll-A-Shutter® sizes we install.

8/100 (0.8 x 100MM)

  • Perfect for medium-sized factory doorways as well as a range of other general-purpose applications
  • Can be operated easily via manual, chain-geared or power-driven methods

10/100 (1.0 x 100MM)

  • Specially designed for all types of industrial and commercial applications such as factories, warehouses and service stations
  • Custom built and can be easily operated via chain or heavy-duty electric systems
  • Perfect for heavy-duty wind loading and large loading situations

12/100 (1.2 x 100MM)

  • These robust access doors are ideal for building perimeter security and storage applications
  • Can also be used for aircraft hangers, car-parks, counters, kiosks and bars, emergency service and storm recovery buildings, showrooms and supermarket entrances
  • Though chain operation is available for 25sqm options, anything above requires an electric operation system installed with this shutter type
  • This Roll-A-Shutter® passed impact penetration testing with James Cook University Cyclone Testing Station

To improve the security and cleanliness of your commercial or industrial premises, our B&D Roll-A-Shutters® are fitted with bottom rail weatherseals. These weatherseals keep out moisture, dust and leaves, as well as operate smoothly and quietly.

Roller Doors

Keep your assets safe and secure with Roller Door Services NT. We specialise in installing efficient B&D industrial and commercial Roll-A-Door® products that are tough, cutting-edge and easy to operate. Economic B&D Firmadoor light industrial doors are also available.

Our roller door options include:

Roll-A-Door® Series 1 Self Storage

If you run a self-storage facility, you understand how important it is to have roller doors that are secure and easy to operate. That's where Roller Door Services NT comes in. Our Roll-ADoor® Series 1 Self Storage option features a great array of benefits, including:

  • Smooth, quiet and easy operation
  • Overlock capabilities
  • Durable spring systems designed to exceed the Australian standard and provide excellent durability
  • Steel door stops

Roll-A-Door® Series 2

Ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial settings, the B&D Roll-A-Door® Series 2 is the obvious choice for anyone looking to maintain the smooth operation of their business and the security of their assets. The benefits of the B&D Roll-A-Door® Series 2 include.

  • Manufactured from a highly durable 0.5mm gauge, flexible steel curtain
  • Prevents dust, moisture, leaves and dirt from entering your business premises, protecting you from frustrating downtime
  • Smooth, quiet and easy operation
  • Available in a vibrant range of colours

Sectional Doors

Two kinds of durable industrial sectional doors are sold by our team at very competative prices.


Roller Door Services NT sell efficient opener systems from industry leader Automatic Technologies for all the B&D products we install.

Industrial Door Openers

  • Industrial Overhead Door Opener - Axess® Pro 1101: Suitable for a range of applications, this system is duty-cycle capable and guaranteed to enhance the functionality of your door system
  • Heavy Duty Rolling Door Opener GDO-10 Toro®: Ideal for a variety of commercial applications, this contains a built-in battery pack and a wall-mounted control panel that can be programmed to best suit your needs

Industrial Shutter Opener

  • Axess® Pro Series 3000: This shutter opener features a suite of innovative options - it is safe, easy-to-operate and highly durable